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doing lines of dust and sweat off last night's stage

just to feel like you

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Birthdate:Jul 28
name: sara
life status: please don't ask
identifies: queer!! to be specific, pansexual homoromantic polyamorous submissive switch. which is a lot of adjectives, so i only roll them out when i'm feeling particularly specific.
relationship status: engaged to teh_slush. we are going to move in together after graduation and get married and adopt a hedgehog. i am sorry your life is not as awesome as ours.
fandoms: subject to change. if there are real people creating some form of art i will probably enjoy it. also, tv shows.
height: taller than bert mccracken, shorter than gabe saporta
eye color: green
shoe size: 10.5-11, depending on brand
home base: southern ca-li-for-ni-yay
comms i have something to do with:cowboyballet, datingmyband
secret societies: league of pantsless bisexuals (president, founding member), planet fierce (vocalist, co-frontman), the unofficial ax choir (founding member, the bitch with the speakers), killjoys (because gerard said so).
contact: tumblr (@flashandthunderfire), twitter (@Mondegreened), skype (@eggo-sama), aim (@shotamadness/@Pastel Ambition/@inoarashi/@showyouhowiswing/@taiprimadonna/@onewingedbeetle)

Interests (115):

/fangs up, 36-inch full-color plasma-screen spiders, aiba's supernaturally pretty hair, amber liu, angsty lesbian ballerinas, arashi! arashi! for dreeeeam, bad au ideas, bagpipes forever and ever, be mine kim pine, being-the-one-with-the-tambourine, bones/eliot otp, brain science, bread makes you fat?!, brendan frye punching people, cassie saying wow, chad faking heterosexuality, cowboy ballet, daleks! at the disco, devil-fanged wataru lizards, dode's perpetually unlucky life, eight day clocks, emasculating yamashita masaki, everyone topping gabe, eyeliner on dudes, fujigaya taisuke: professional senpai-whore, fumikyun's shirt allergy, futaba's bruised nipples, gabriel saporta's basement, gaila's feminine modesty, gandering at wards, ginger nerdfaces, girls punching tony stonem, golf course emo, gqmfs, gsf, guns against my anatomy, handporn, hideous crossovers, hsm: better with lions, hug-a-victor day, huh? radio?, idk my bff slush?, j'accuse!!, john rogers is god, joseph gordon-levitt's face, kato shigeaki: ace attorney, ke$ha's drunken sparklepixie antics, kenny ortega, kismai's swooshy bits, korse's very sekrit diary, larping in the desert, laura dannon's questionable morals, lens flare, lesbocastle, little glass vials, ludo/whipped cream otp, m.d. geist, marrying the dictionary, medical eyepatches, member-ai, member-kirai, michael cera's face, mika/coffee cup=otp, mike carden: secret marshmallow, minor characters, minosu: the bull-headed man, mistery, mobile/wallace omgtheirloveissomindfuck, naked hippie inverse jesus, nero shrimp, newsie orgies, nitrous oxide monkey trees, non-asian non-hammer kallenchicks, not-so-nasty nate novarro, ohno satoshi's fingers, onna no ko damon, overdramatic christina ricci kitty, photographs your boyfriend took, picking-up-sand-and-dropping-it, planet fierce, popsicle blowjobs, pretzelhair, princess whitelaw, puni puni poemy, rabid time travel shenanigans, rad bromances, reid abuse, repo! the genetic opera, robin-hooding through corporate america, ronnie james dio, ryan ross/dictionary otp, ryan's collection of hats, sakurai sho's trauma face, scary bushes, senga=loch ness monster, sexually charged baseball, shige's imaginary cat, skirtitude, space hookers, steel ball nyan, taipi's maegami, tatchan the fairy princess, the italian restaurant, the jella jilly jellafish, the orion world order, the unofficial ax choir, things ryan rossy stole, tiny spencer's face-eating glasses, travie's monroe piercing, two-four-six-oh-one, wall!reaper/neku, wee little puppet men, whoreless-chan, william beckett: mental dinosaur, william the bloody awful
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